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Supporting Privacy Legislation and Privacy Education in New Jersey

The Internet has revolutionized many aspects of our lives, including we connect to, learn from and engage with the world around us. For the most part, the Internet has been an empowering and positive force, fostering global communication, igniting social movements and democratizing information. That being said, the same qualities that make the Internet so powerful, namely its ability to instantly disseminate information and allow for its easy access, has also been used to violate the privacy of individuals and businesses alike. The Privacy Initiative serves to ensure the continued protection of privacy rights in the Internet Age through legislative advocacy and through educating key stakeholders on the need for reforms.

    Links to websites that provide information and resources to victims of cyber abuse.

    The Privacy Initiative is committed to promoting privacy legislation at the State and Federal level.

    Resources for administrators and educators to teach students about privacy.



    Links to current Federal and State laws that seek to protect individual and business privacy.

    Information on how you can protect the right to privacy within your community.