A Gold Standard in Roulette

Microgaming’s Gold Series Roulette is a great alternative for Canadian players who want an authentic simulation of the classic game named after the small wheel. It’s beautiful to look at, simple to use, and full of thrilling potential payouts. It’s exciting, entertaining, and financially rewarding, just like their slot machines!

It features realistic graphics and animation, as well as a few advanced betting options, and it is part of the Gold Series of casino games from the multi-award winning supplier.


European Law and Beyond

The rules of European online roulette, upon which the Gold Series game is based, are as simple to remember as those of any slot machine. However, it also borrows a few features from the standard French variant.


There are 36 black and red wheel pockets, while the 37th one is green and numbered 0. Some bets have odds that are somewhat lower than 50/50 because of the house advantage, which is determined by how much money is kept in that pocket.


Traditional Gambling Choices

The Gold Series Roulette table has a primary track with the standard betting options, and it has been properly created. Both outside and inside wagers are included.


The larger blocks on the track’s outskirts are where you can place your outside bets, which include combinations of numbers, odd/even, and red/black. Bets on the inside go in the smaller cells closer to the board’s center. They are harder to win because they are wagers on a single digit.


Discernable Gambling Preferences

This game, like the others in the Gold Series and some of the developer’s other more complex online slots, has a feature that will pique the interest of seasoned gamblers. Bets on neighbors, the zero game, red splits, and black splits are available if the Expert mode is used.


The French variant of the game typically includes the zero option and a neighbour bet, in which the player wagers not only on a single number but also on the adjacent pockets.


Easily Accessible ReBet Option

It’s not uncommon for Canadians to repeat a winning wager or use the same lucky numbers multiple times in a row. This is factored into Gold Series Roulette.


There is a ReBet feature in this update. When chosen, it will re-bet the same amount as the player’s previous bet. Selecting and repositioning chips is made unnecessary.


Adjustable Betting Limits

The betting limits in most casino games may be easily adjusted, whether you’re playing a game at a table or one with spinning reels like slots. Bets can be placed between the minimum and maximum sums, and in any amount in between.


The stakes for each of the track’s betting segments vary in this online variant of roulette. For instance, the most that may be wagered on a dozen is $70.00, on a square $30.00, on a split $20.00, and on a straight $15.00.


Taking Part in the Fun

While the list of features and functions may make this edition sound more complicated than others, be assured that it is just as easy to use as those with less bells and whistles.


The object of the game is to wager on where the ball will stop in the wheel. This could be a specific inside option or one of the more general outside alternatives that span a wider variety of outcomes. After making a selection and clicking “play,” the wheel will spin, the ball will be dropped in, and the outcome will be revealed.


For roulette enthusiasts, Gold Series Roulette is a must-play. Platinum Play is a top-tier Canadian online casino that features the most exciting slot machines, table games, and more thanks to its cutting-edge software.

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