Resources for administrators and educators to teach students about privacy.

Elementary, Middle and High School students face an increasingly complicated world.  In addition to the normal pressures of adolescence, children and young adults now face the pressures associated with the Internet and more specifically, social media.  Constant news stories about troubling incidents of cyber bullying, cyber harassment, sexting and revenge porn must not become the norm within our schools.  It is imperative that students understand that what is posted online may have real consequences for themselves and others.  Aside from learning how to safely navigate the Internet, students need to understand how to maintain their privacy in an ever public world.  Below are links to websites that provide curriculum for privacy education directed at primary and secondary school aged students.

Stay Safe Online – Teach Online Safely

Teach Online Safety is a program offered by StaySafeOnline.org, a National Cyber Security Alliance website.  The website offers specific curriculum designed for Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Middle & High School and Higher Education students.  The curriculum focuses on cybersafety, cybersecurity and cyberethics.  In addition, the site provides information for school administrators on how to promote cyber security within their schools.

Common Sense Media – Cyberbullying Toolkit

Common Sense Media is an organization that promotes digital literacy for children and young adults.  The organization’s website offers curriculum for elementary, middle and high school students on a number of Internet related topics, including Internet safety, privacy and cybersecurity, cyberbullying, digital footprint and reputation management, self-image and information literacy.

Fordham Law School – Privacy Education

Fordham Law School’s Center on Law and Information Policy (CLIP) offers a downloadable curriculum designed for middle school students.  The program includes information on managing an online reputation, dealing with social media and maintaining secure passwords.  Fordham’s curriculum was developed for law students who would volunteer their time to teach privacy concepts to their community middle schools.

ikeepsafe – Educators

ikeepsafe.org maintains a number of resources on its website for educators and administrators, including curriculum for teaching about privacy issues and guides for developing data security programs within schools.