Links to websites that provide information and resources to victims of cyber abuse.

Future of Privacy Forum

Future of Privacy Forum is a Washington D.C. think tank focused on data security and privacy issues.  Its website hosts thought provoking essays and literature on a range of topics, from drones and wearable technology to big data and student privacy.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is a California based non-profit whose mission is “to engage, educate and empower individuals to protect their privacy.”  The Clearinghouse’s website provides fact sheets on privacy topics, reports on data breaches and links to the latest privacy news and information.

Center for Digital Democracy

Center for Digital Democracy is a consumer protection and privacy organization.  On its website, the organization posts articles on privacy research and provides updates on its advocacy efforts.

Electronic Privacy Information Center

EPIC is a Washington, D.C. non-profit focusing on issues involving privacy, civil liberties and freedom of expression.  EPIC’s website hosts a wealth of information and research on numerous privacy topics.

For additional information on any of the following topics, click on the relevant link below:

Address Confidentiality

Business Data Security

Cyber Abuse

Cyber Bullying


Identity Theft and Fraud

Law Enforcement Resources

Revenge Porn

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