What You Can Do?

Information on how you can protect the right to privacy within your community.


The Privacy Initiative of New Jersey is looking for volunteers that have experience developing a public advocacy campaign and have relationships with legislators.  In particular, the Privacy Initiative is looking for individuals with lobbying, bill drafting, marketing and non-profit experience who can promote the Privacy Agenda.  If you are passionate about privacy and want to work with the Privacy Initiative of New Jersey to fulfill its mission, contact us today.

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Engage Your Community

Law enforcement’s response to a cyber related complaint is often inconsistent and can depend on many variables, including the size of the department where the complaint is filed.  Privacy advocates should contact their local police departments to encourage them to designate a cyber liaison.  The goal is to ensure that all communities, no matter the size, has law enforcement officers knowledgeable about cyber issues and can properly respond in the event a complaint involving the Internet is filed.

Contact Your Legislators

The Privacy Initiative of New Jersey works to educate New Jersey legislators on the need for privacy laws that address the realities of modern technology.  If you believe in the importance of strong privacy legislation, contact your legislator and let them know.  Public pressure is needed to encourage legislators to make privacy a priority.

For a list of New Jersey State Representatives click HERE

For a list of New Jersey Federal Representatives click HERE