Andrew P. Bolson, Esq.

I am the founder and President of the Privacy Initiative of New Jersey and an attorney with Meyerson, Fox, Mancinelli, Conte & Bern, P.A., in Montvale, New Jersey.  At MFMC&B, I practice privacy and Internet law, commercial and estate litigation, residential real estate, business law, estate planning and municipal law.  My privacy practice includes counseling businesses on their privacy regulatory obligations and representing businesses and individuals address online reputation management concerns. I am a Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States (CIPP/US), a distinction awarded by the International Association of Privacy Professions (IAPP), the world’s leading privacy organization.

My interests in law, technology, politics and social action have coalesced around a passion for advocating for online privacy rights.  Ever since I first encountered the Internet in the late 1990s, I have been fascinated with its potential to disrupt the status quo.  For the most part, the Internet has been an empowering and positive force, revolutionizing how we connect to, learn from and engage with the world around us.  That being said, the same qualities that make the Internet so powerful, notably its ability to instantly disseminate information, has been used as a weapon to spread messages of hate and as a tool to bully, intimidate and harass individuals and businesses alike.  As a society, we continue to struggle with how to promote the positive aspects of the Internet while at the same time controlling its dangerous and harmful elements.

Finding the appropriate balance between promoting innovation and free speech on the Internet and protecting individual privacy and security remains elusive.  We need a regulatory framework that affords sufficient privacy and security safeguards but that also provides protections for individuals to speak openly and anonymously over the Internet and incentives to ensure Internet companies continue to innovate.  I started the Privacy Initiative of New Jersey because I believe that a better balance between promoting innovation on the Internet and protecting individual privacy and security can be achieved.  As an attorney with several perspectives on the challenges posed by the Internet with respect to privacy, I intend to serve as a resource for legislators, stakeholders and cyber abuse victims and to offer legislative proposals for making the Internet safer and more secure for all.

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