Privacy is largely a vague concept, often defined through the lens of an individual’s personal experiences. From this Initiative’s standpoint, privacy is about having the ability to control ones’ own information, reputation and personal safety.  While these rights remain more important than ever, in the Internet Age, protecting them are increasingly harder to achieve.

Part of the problem is that privacy is often an afterthought, an issue that may seem inconsequential to a person until their own privacy has been invaded.  That being said, protecting privacy must be a priority because the stakes have never been higher.   If we condone or fail to address cyber harassment, cyber impersonation, hate speech and other forms of abusive online content, the Internet will become a weapon to harm reputations, to silence political dissent and to endanger the well-being of our children, eventually affecting all of us.  The Privacy Initiative of New Jersey aims to protect privacy in spite of the challenges posed by the Internet, through education and advocacy.

This Initiative does not claim to have all the answers for protecting privacy.  Nevertheless, we intend to be part of the solution by offering ideas for achieving a better balance between promoting technology innovation and ensuring the protection of privacy rights. This Initiative is merely one of many voices in the privacy debate. That being said, we hope that our voice will one day make a difference, however so small.