Address Confidentiality

Computer Crime Info

This website is published by Michael Bazzell, former member of the FBI’s Cyber Crime Task Force and author of “Hiding from the Internet.”  His book, “Hiding from the Internet” provides a step-by-step guide to removing your information from the Internet. Mr. Bazzell’s website also provides links to pages where an individual can opt-out of having their information published online.


DeleteMe is a service of Abine, a business dedicated to providing services to protect consumer privacy.  DeleteMe is a paid service that assists individuals remove personal data, such as address information, from various data broker websites.


NJParcels publishes information on New Jersey properties, including the name and address of property owners.  The above link will direct you to the page where you can request to opt-out of having your information published on its website.

New Jersey Public Records Database

New Jersey Public Records Database is another website that publishes information about New Jersey properties.  According to the website’s privacy policy, the website will remove the published information if an individual contacts them through the above link.

Private Life Now

Private Life Now is another paid service that assists consumers remove personal data about themselves published on data broker websites.

Privacy Rights

This website provides a list of data brokers and indicates whether the respective data brokers allow an individual to opt-out of having their information published on the Internet.


Like DeleteMe or Privacy Life Now, SafeShepherd’s paid service scans the Internet and files opt-out request on behalf of individuals who do not want their information shared on the Internet.

New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence

This website provides information on New Jersey’s Address Confidentiality Program, which allows victims of domestic violence to obtain a substitute address to maintain the confidentiality of the participant’s actual address.