Washington State Becomes Latest State to Create Statewide Chief Privacy Officer

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I have already blogged that New Jersey should create a Statewide Chief Privacy Officer.  It appears that Statewide Chief Privacy Officers is becoming a National trend.  Following the lead of Ohio, West Virginia and South Carolina, Washington State recently announced the creation a Statewide Chief Privacy Officer position, with Alex Alben being the individual named to the post.  In his announcement of the new position, Washington Governor Jay Inslee stated, “with new technologies that increasingly impact consumer privacy, protection of privacy must be a core value for our state government.  We want to be a leader in this field, to improve the security protecting the data the state collects while also building upon our strong tradition of transparency and open government.”  In the years to come, I predict that Statewide Chief Privacy Officers will become the norm.  It is my hope and one of the goals of the Privacy Initiative of New Jersey to see that the New Jersey legislature becomes an early adopter of the Statewide Chief Privacy Officer trend.